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Different Kinds of Impatiens That Can Resist Mildew According to Experts in Residential Landscaping Services

Impatiens Variety List That Can Withstand Downy Mildew

Impatiens used to be the preferred flower for gardens in partial shade. Then, the pandemic of downy mildew altered how we garden. Impatiens walleriana, the common impatiens plant, was eradicated from garden centers starting in 2011 as a result of this fungal disease, which also wiped out the commercial producers’ seed production stock. Even if fuchsias, begonias, and coleus make lovely substitutes for your shade garden, you shouldn’t give up on the prospect of producing impatiens. If you want to know more about impatiens, you can ask your local residential landscaping service providers for more information about them. In your borders, window boxes, and hanging baskets, these impatiens types will flourish while fending against downy mildew.

Divine Mix

This New Guinea impatiens type blooms all summer in shady gardens, with 2-inch flowers on strong, branching stems. Plants require little care and don’t need deadheading to bloom all season. Members of the Divine Mix group can be purchased as seeds, which makes them an affordable choice for gardeners who need to fill expansive landscapes, in contrast to certain new types that are vegetatively propagated.

Florida Sweet Orange

The bicolor orange blossoms of your ‘Florific Sweet Orange’ impatiens will stand out wherever you chose to plant the compact, mounding plants in your landscape. These flowers will continue to bloom from late spring until frost if you fertilize and deadhead them each month. All pollinators, including hummingbirds, butterflies, and bees, are attracted to the color and shape of the flowers.

Infinity Orange

Bright orange tones add sunlight to the summer garden and go well with fiery red flowers or as a contrast to purple and blue flowers. Although you may think that the Proven Winners’ “Infinity Orange” is a foolproof plant, you should be cautious of its thirst. On dry summer days, New Guinea impatiens, especially if they are grown in pots, require a daily water check. It’s a tiny price to pay for blossoms that are free of disease and last until the first frost.

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